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How to Feel Yourself Again After Your Child Dies
Even If When Your World is Shattered and Your Life is Over

Workshop Dates: October 27-29
11 am CST Each day

A 3-day workshop to guide grieving mothers to learn how to carry their grief, find a community of others who understand, and receive a guided path for navigating their grief journey.

"You Can Feel Love Joy and Happiness and Still Bring Your Child Forward With You"

Relief in Grief: A Grieving Moms Guide to Hope and Healing

How to Process the Painful Emotions and Thoughts That Come With Child Loss

...a 3 day workshop that gives you proven tools and guidance so you can learn to live again (without the pressure or guilt of forgetting your child/baby even if you don't feel like that's possible for you)

Sweet Mama- you want to be able to live and feel okay again, but how in the world do you even process grief and emotions that come with it?

Doesn't it seem like it's impossible to release the guilt, anger, sadness, or pain that is in your life? How often do you find yourself thinking...
  • If I start to heal or "get better" that means I'm moving on or forgetting my baby/child.
  • How much more can I take?
  • How can I possibly balance my hope to someday feel happiness again with this overwhelming heartbreak?
  • When will I stop thinking of all the what ifs and I wishes?
  • ​What's the point?!? Nothing will help with this pain!
  •  I don't know how to release these emotions
Oh sweet Mama- I know this pain so deeply and on a personal level. I'm so, so sorry.

If you're new to my world, my name is Megan. I have been right where you are now. Through the experience of the death of my daughter Aria, I've been able to navigate it to get to the other side of grief. I now coach other grieving mothers through the exact same process I used to be able to function and live life fully again.

But it wasn't always this way. When my daughter died, I thought my life was over. I just wanted to go to sleep and wake up on the other side. When other people told me that it can get better and life can change I wanted to smack them! Life better without my daughter? The possibility of life getting better made me ill. I thought maybe it meant I was moving on and forgetting her.

But I began to ponder, is this all that is left for me in my life? At 23, I knew I didn't want to live in survival mode and as an empty shell of the rest of my life, I was just getting started on living. So, I began to process, feel, and experience my grief. Through thought work, emotional work, and awareness of myself and my grief, I began to see a light at the end of the tunnel.
The heavy cloud that was covering my life slowly lifted and I realized I could smile without feeling guilty. I could carry my grief and fill my life with joy. I realized that pain and grief were a part of my experience now, I was learning to walk with grief. It doesn't mean it goes away but it shifts and changes. It become fluid instead of staying stuck and hovering over my life.
Because I wanted to give this to other grieving mothers, I created a way to share, guide and teach them to learn to live and get through grief as well, and I'm sharing it with you in this 3-day workshop
"What you offered me was priceless, and I can't be more thankful that I took the time to listen to you"

What’s inside the workshop?

This Relief in Grief Workshop is designed to help give you tools to get through grief. So often we are aware that the guilt, anger, or sadness is not serving us in our lives, but we have no idea how to even begin processing or moving through it. So that is what I will show you in this retreat.

From self-care, to thoughts, to learning how to experience emotions, you will be able to see what holding you back from doing the grief work that will help you have a lighter and freer life.

Here’s what you’re getting inside the Relief in Grief 

3 Days of Live Training to Take You From "How in the World Do I Get Through Grief" to having real and tangible tools and ways of  understanding your emotions, and a guide to learning to carry your grief.

Each day, I'll be going live inside our Members-Only Facebook group to help you work through the biggest things I've learned to help get through grief and child loss. I've taken the painful lessons and all the extra suffering I added to my grief journey and put them in an easy to digest format so that you don't have to go through suffering as much on your own grief journey.

"You Can't Take Care of Anybody Else, Until You Take Care of Yourself"

Here’s a sneak peek at what you can expect:

Training 1: Caring For Yourself in Grief  and How to Find Out What You Need 

One of the biggest mistakes grieving mothers make is believing that self care and taking time for their grief is selfish. How are you supposed to be the mother you want to be again someday, if you just keep shoving everything down to be strong for everyone else?

Caring for yourself is crucial and a very big step towards how you will get through this. On Day 1, we’re going to get crystal clear on exactly WHY you need to care for yourself, and how caring for yourself benefits you and the rest of your family.

Training 2: Navigating the Difficult Emotions and Thoughts of Grief

Riding the roller coaster of emotions? Me too friend. I know how to feels to be one second semi-okay, to then happy, to then angry, to then sad. 

This is not an easy journey, but I want to share with you all my knowledge I've learned that will make this roller coaster a bit easier to ride.

Training 3: How to Get Through Grief

Through this workshop you're going to understand a lot more about yourself and your grief journey. But you might be asking the question- How? How do I get through this? I know I have anger. I know have guilt. But it's become such a part of who I am I just have to accept it.

This couldn't be further from the truth. It's completely possible to process, release and choose new emotions to connect with your child and in this training I am going to show you exactly how!

Access to our Pop-Up Facebook Group for Support and Community 

Consider this your safe space for the workshop. This is where you can share your story, connect with other grieving mothers, and ask your questions of me that you have about grief and how to find life after child loss.

Because I Care so Much About Your Grief and Pain, Here are Some Extra Things I Want to Give you...

Bonus #1 Free Download

Guided Meditation to Connect Your Mind and Your Body in Grief

Use this guided meditation any time you want on your grief journey. Use it to begin becoming aware of what's going on with your body. How are you emotions expressing themselves within your body, and how do they feel? This meditation is amazing and helps you release some of the stress and tension you are feeling just by becoming aware of it.

 Get This For FREE When You Join the Workshop Today!

Bonus # 30 Day Grief Journal With Prompts

Use a Guide to Help You Write Your Grief

Have you ever looked at a blank sheet of paper, willing yourself to write because you've heard how beneficial it is, and nothing comes to your mind? This 30 day grief journal has prompts specifically written for child loss that will help you write about a specific topic.

These prompts are meant to help you dive deeper and become more aware of what's going on inside of your mind so you can begin to take steps forward in your life.

Get This For FREE When You Join the Workshop Today!

Bonus # 4: 50 Ideas on How to Honor and Remember Your Child

Keep Your Child's Memory Alive

The last thing a grieving mom wants is her child to be forgotten. In this download, you will have a lot of ways and ideas to remember them and carry their memory forward with you. Ideas for anniversaries, holidays, and every day

Get This For Free When You Join This Workshop

Join Relief in Grief: Guide for Grieving Mothers on How to Get Through Grief For Just $27! 

When you sign up for the Relief in Grief Workshop you will get...

  • 3 Day LIVE Workshop with Megan a bereaved mother, learning tangible tools and a true guide to how to live your life again
  • ​​Access to the pop-up Facebook Group where I'll be answering questions as you process and work through your own grief journey
  • ​BONUS: Your Own Free Download of Grief in Your Body Guided Meditation so you can listen whenever you need a reset in your mind and your body
  • ​BONUS: 30 Day Grief E-Journal with prompts specifically related to grief and losing a child to help you process the thoughts and emotions going on inside of you
  • ​BONUS: Spouse and Communication Workshop where you can learn how to connect with your spouse when you are both grieving in your own ways
  • ​BONUS: 50 Ideas on Remembering Your Child download with ideas for you to carry your child's memory forward with you, so that they are not forgotten.

"There's more to it than just surviving, you need to live"

Here Is My 'Change Your Life' Guarantee

Yes, I 100% guarantee that this workshop will change your life and your grief journey

If after the end of the workshop you feel like you haven't begun to feel a shift and movement for you on your grief journey and you've shown up to all the calls, I will refund you in full.

Email us at by 8:59am CST on January 16th for a full refund. 

Sound fair?

Are you hesitating and have some questions? Here’s some's questions that are frequently asked...

 Why should I pay for grief support when I can go to support groups for free?

First, this most definitely is not your typical support group. This workshop is a place to heal, process, and grow in grief. It is a safe space to bring your pain and grief, but it's also a place where we are reaching for better, for more joy, more processing, and more experiencing life.

  Where is this workshop happening?

It's all happening our pop-up Facebook group! This is a very important place to make sure you are a part of! The calls will take place on Zoom but also be streamed into the Pop Up Group!

  My child was old, my child was young, I'm new to grief, I've been on this journey for a long time- is this for me?

If this is resonating with you, then I believe it's for you. We compare our grief so much, when truly we need to just focus on our own journey, and we have way more in common than we believe. When we allow ourselves to grieve in our own ways we also give that gift to others. This is a space where everyone on every part of their journey is welcome, and each one of you brings a different perspective to the table.

  Will I be able to ask Megan questions?

Yes of course! I'll be teaching inside our pop-up Facebook group and there to answer any questions you have throughout the workshop. I'll also be hosting a few Q&A sessions throughout!

  What if I can’t make it live? 

Don’t worry about it! Your ticket comes with access to the pop-up group which houses the recordings so you can watch whenever is best for you. 

However, I’ll be connecting and answering questions live, so I HIGHLY recommend you show up and make the time! If you don’t prioritize yourself and your grief when will you?

  I'm so busy, I don't think I have the time?

Grief doesn't go away, just because you don't make the time for it. If you don't make the time for it yourself, grief will force you later on down the road to make time for it. Imagine that it's a giant beach ball waiting underneath the water. You are holding it down, but it's still there. If you don't make the time for it, it eventually comes out and explodes all over your life and the people you love. 

The greatest gift you can give yourself and others is investing your time and energy into caring for your grief.

  What if I'm nervous about being in a group?

I understand that grief makes you turn inwards. It can be scary to be around others, and wonder what is going to happen in this group. You can be as involved as you want, or you can just be a part of it by listening. Of course, the more we can all be vulnerable, the more value and support each one of you can get. But- you can be as involved or as anonymous as you want!

Hi, I’m Megan — Your Grief Coach and Guide

I have had the joy of coaching other grieving mothers through their experience of pain, suffering, guilt, anger, and sadness. To me, it's a beautiful process to work through and experience the array of emotions grief has brought to the table.

But had you told me back in 2016 that I would be helping other grieving mothers I wouldn't have believe you, because I was deep in my own grief I didn't even know how I was going to get through it.

But in the last four years, I've learned so much about grief, healing, and our capacity for life and laughter, that I want to give this gift to you. Living without my child is one of the most painful things I've ever experienced, and I've learned to live again and keep my daughter's memory alive.

And I'm so excited to share my experience with you so you too can stop suffering in grief and learn how to get through this emotions and thoughts that come with grief.
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