Find a Place of Calm in the Chaos of Grief

Let Go of the Suffering, So That You Can Be the Mom Your Other Children Need

What past participants are saying-

"I was so impressed with Megan’s empathic and understanding nature. She made me feel Like I was being listened to and I felt like I was being heard, That was very important to me, 5 months into my grief journey. The tools and strategies that Megan taught in the group, are already proving helpful and effective."
"I really liked the way Megan taught us to process our emotions and the way everyone could lean on each other without being judged or criticized."
"I learned not to be judgemental in how I feel. I tend to look at the positive in things. I thought if I felt negative thoughts it was bad and wrong."
"One takeaway that comes to mind is the power of community and being with other mom's who've lost children."
"My biggest takeaway was there is hope!"

Free 3 Day Workshop For Grieving Mothers to Learn to Live With the Grief They Feel

April 20-22 at 11 am CST

Join a safe space, where you can connect with others walking a similar path, and learn tools and skills to help you process the excruiating pain you are experiencing.

(If you can't make it live, you will be sent the replay so you can still join!)

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